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PROPHETIC PROTOCOLS - It's Time To Fix Your Limp

It's Time to Fix Your Limp. A Prophet admonished me saying, “If you don’t fix your limp, everyone you raise up will have the same limp.” In response to this directive, I have spent many years obeying that warning. There is a window of time that has been designated for the cleansing of the Prophets. Don’t miss your moment! There is a mandate from Heaven that has been released; This day your past will truly become your past.

Divine grace is being released to you at this very moment to liberate you from prior offenses, roots of bitterness, church hurt, emotional trauma, abandonment, rejection, wounds from sexual and verbal abuse. Those things hurt, and they can scar us for life, if we allow them to.

At this very moment your Father in Heaven is concerned about everything that concerns you. He is very aware of what has happened, and His judgement will weigh on every perpetrator. Your divine response is to forgive, receive peace and grace to help in this time of need. God wants you whole and will catapult you into your next season if you partner with Him.

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2 comentários

22 de set. de 2021

Amen! Amen! Amen! IT IS TIME!!!


Hallelujah Amen

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