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Cut Them Off!

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

This is the hour of Kingdom relationships. Things are swiftly moving in the spirit and God is shifting the atmosphere around you and silencing the contrary winds, especially in the area of relationships. This will be the work of the Holy Spirit, not the flesh, all you have to do is cooperate and make the minor adjustments the Holy Spirit is directing you to. These adjustments will impact you personally, professionally, and spiritually. Stop holding on to unhealthy relationships because you are afraid to be alone. Trust that God is just as concerned about your circle as you are. Trust your father wants to ensure your connections will be fruitful and not something you regret in the coming months or years.

Many times, we, in our flesh, have made connections we had to ultimately dissolve because they were not in the plan of God for our lives. He will connect you with people that will honor you in public and in private. Many of you were and are connected to people who lifted you up in public but slandered you in private. In the natural when something leaves your life you feel the loss and a void is left in your soul; Human nature is to seek relief but the Holy Spirit's directive in the shift is, “Feel the void, don’t fill the void.” Everything lost must be grieved. If you don’t grieve in your emotions now, your body will grieve later.

In this shift, it is also time to get back to your assignment, get up! Ecclesiastes 9:10 says, "Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might..." In the late ’70s there was an oil crisis and gas was being rationed. This sparked a slew of gas thieves that would siphon gas out of other people's cars. The Holy Spirit showed me that there is an oil crisis in the spirit! People are so busy and so lazy in the spirit that their only recourse is to siphon gas out of other people’s spiritual tanks. He also showed me the only reason people can siphon gas out of you is that you are parked. You got hurt, you got tired, you got disillusioned and GOD needs you to get moving and pick up your mantle again! #prophetnotforprofit #kingdomrelationships #galpals #besties #godrelationships #

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This is powerful and I knowing to be true from experience..but GOD can fix things to where you almost forget that you ever felt the unforgiving feelings...

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