Healing The Wounds 

Prophetic Leadership




It is a very significant book, written in a simple, clear literary style, but with deep, insightful content. But what added further validity to your thoughts and ideas were the autobiographical references which were both revealing about yourself and at the same time relevant to the life of most of us who are your readers. Hence, we were not just reading good theoretical information but tested and proven experiences. 

I was and am still struck by the profile painted of the prophet in Part One of the Text. It is not the traditional picture of the prophet, neither is it the popular concept of the prophetical role and personage. But the highlight of the Book for me was captured in Part Two where you treated the wounds with therapeutic precision. In a masterful and non-offensive manner, you applied the secular insights of others like Maslow to address the deep needs of the inner man. 

Yes, you captured my interest throughout my journey home and within the confines of the aircraft I could not escape the compelling need for self-inspection and self-judgment, self-surrender the challenge to make it part of my life's journey.  It is an excellent book from an excellent lady, one of a kind, God's uniquely crafted prophetess, an example to the Body of Christ and a gift to every wounded prophet.


Dr. C.B. Peter Morgan, D. Min, M.Div., B.A.

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