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ASSUME THE POSITION - 30 Days to Possessing Your Promise

  • The Holy Spirit spoke to me and said this year the mandate is to finish what you started. In response to that He is releasing a finisher's anointing. You will crossover and enter the land that the Lord has promised, and you will recover all if you obey God’s divine instructions.


    My response of obedience was ASSUME THE POSITION 30 - DAYS TO POSSESSING YOUR PROMISE live teachings. He also instructed me to write the companion book and give you strategy to possess everything! It is a comprehensive book that will keep you on track, help you identify barriers to your success, recognize weaknesses, and end negative cycles so that by December 31, 2019, you will not even recognize your life. You will be amazed at what the Lord has done.


  • Please contact us for our company's return and refund policy. 

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