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PROPHETIC WORD - 2020-2030

God is stirring again the winds of revival. The healing wells are trembling and shaking. Many will be miraculously healed; sickness and disease will fall off like meat on a bone. Your years of trauma are over. Affliction will not rise up a second time (Nahum 1:9).

God will restore all that you lost in this last season (Joel 2:25). Do not fret or worry because GOD is faithful. He has raised up an end-time prophetic army that will not be rivaled. If you have been praying and contending for the faith (Jude 1:5), this is the hour you have been anticipating. We will see a move of the Holy Spirit unlike anything we have ever experienced.

Prophets who live in the Heartland (OKC, CO, NM, TX) your days of dryness are over; a fresh wind is blowing your way. The lingering effects of the dust bowl have come to a close. Springs will rise up in the dry places.

Prophetic companies are forming as we speak. God has ordained many prophets that have been waiting on man’s approval. I hear the LORD say, “Approved!” Your are now being DEPLOYED. This is not a call to anarchy or rebellion but obedience to His agenda and His word.

The fear of the Lord will sweep this nation like a Tsunami and your earthly ministries will crumble if they are not built on the rock. In the next few months COVID19 will leave as swiftly as it came. In 2021 we will still feel the shaking from 2020 but then we will experience a decade of great peace, financial stability and safety. TO THE FAITHFUL, I hear the Lord say Prepare, Prepare, Prepare.

This is a season of separation from people that are not part of God’s plan for you or do not have the stamina to travel the rugged terrain. They are not bad people they are just not good for you. Don’t weep or delay...let go. Honor the time you had together and gird up your prophetic garment and move. Kingdom connections are coming.

People that have been written off, mocked, overlooked and abused in churches will now become the Apple of God’s eye. All eyes are watching; Global and domestic. Swift judgement will come on those who have mocked God: IN THE CHURCH AND IN THE GOVERNMENT. He will bring in the prodigals - those who have resisted the false religious structures that fleshly men have tried to mandate. The church will be judged swiftly and many doors will close never to reopen.

Church leaders beware! You don’t own people, God does. They are not your personal servants or minions. Your responsibility has been to help them grow in God and know that they are loved by Him. The hour of the fleshly, selfish, greedy church is over! Angelic activity will significantly increase and many will be made aware (2Kings 19:35, Psalms 103:20). We are entering a season of great Mercy. The mercy of God is being made available to all those who have been crying out. God has heard your cry (Hebrews 4:16)

Without ever going into a church thousands will repent because God will meet them where they are. Kingdom businesses will flourish over the next four years unlike anything you have ever seen. We are entering the end time transfer of wealth and God is snatching money out of the hands of the wicked and putting it into the hands of the righteous (Proverbs 13:22). The marketplace is rumbling and God’s hand is on Kingdom entrepreneurs (Ecclesiastes 9:10).

God is breathing on the true church like He did in the days of Elijah. The dry bones will live again (Ezekiel 37:1-14). Stand firm, guard your heart, trust God and receive the joy of the Lord

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