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It's a reap year!

 To discern what God is doing in this hour we must go back to the beginning, Genesis 1:2 says, “The earth was without form and void, and darkness was on the face of the deep.Creation is the initiation of a prophetic arrangement or system that counterattacks chaos and disorder. What God manifested He spoke. Psalms 29:1 says, “The voice of the LORD is over the waters;” The power of a Prophet is their voice, and the prophetic message is interconnected, interrelated, and not delivered in a silo. It is the system by which God designates a group of people, who are wired to assist Him, in getting His will established on the earth through decrees and declarations.


It is an anointing of positioning and establishing God’s plans and purposes in the Earth. It is also to get God’s people in the right posture, the right place, and at the right time. Amos 3:7 (CJB) declares, “Adonai, God, does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets. We see emerging a company of prophets much like we have seen on the Elijah list over the last four years. It is a system that brings structure and order to prophetic ministry. They are the keepers of Heaven's intel to position God’s people for victory and advancement. 1 Chronicles 12:32, (ESV) says, “Of Issachar, men who had an understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do, 200 chiefs, and all their kinsmen under their command.


What is happening in our nation is systems, and the people within them, have gone rogue. The corruption in our nation is systemic and widespread, but God has already initiated a cure. What we see happening in the spirit is the dismantling of demonic systems that have opened the door to corruption on a scale we have never seen openly. The Lord shared with me that the seven mountains are actually seven systems. Mountains you climb, systems you infiltrate. In Mark 16:15, Jesus said to his disciples, “Go into all the world (props, arrangements, systems) and preach the gospel to all creation.


So again, where are we and what season are we in? The Holy Spirit spoke to me on the morning of January 8th and said, “It’s a REAP year as opposed to a leap year.” At the time He said it, I had no context I just posted what I heard Him say. As I began to further inquire of the Lord, I also heard, “The cycle of jubilee has not ended.” 2020 and 2024, as we all know, have been critical tumultuous years in our nation as well as leap years in the middle of a Jubilee cycle. Everything in our nation has been shaken and will culminate in a Jubilee year in 2025. In 2019 the Lord had me go on YouTube, a do a series of teachings called, Assume the Position, which was a simulated exodus.


The purpose of a leap year which is an extra day added to the calendar (February 29) is to make up for the time that is lost during the Earth's orbit around the sun. If this time is not made up, we would have seasonal chaos; figuratively speaking, Summer would be in December and Winter would be in July. To make up for the incremental difference in the Jewish calendar, since they observe the Lunar cycle, approximately every 3 years they add the month Adar II. This is done to ensure Passover remains in the Spring as God commanded (Leviticus 23:5-6). God is intentional about His seasons, Genesis 1:14 says, “And God said, “Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night. And let them be for signs and for seasons, and for days and years.”


So, what is a reap year? In essence, it’s the year you reap everything you have sown, and your harvest will be off-limits to the enemy. Much like Gideon in the winepress, he was not hiding in fear, he was running a military operation protecting their harvest from the Midianites (Judges 6:11). He knew they would not look in a wine press for wheat. Many of you have watched in horror over the last four years, your resources dwindle to nothing, and your hard labor amounted to meager rations.


I had a dream many years ago where I was walking down the street following an unknown woman whom I felt compelled to follow and suddenly a torrential rain was released, and my shoes became too heavy for me to walk and I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Take them off.” When I did, I immediately caught up with the woman and the Holy Spirit said, “The woman was you.”  We are now in that time. Many are behind for various reasons but the Lord is redeeming the time; which includes resources, revenue, and relationships. It is not dependent on the world’s economy. Not one dollar has ever left the Earth. God is about to catch you up!” The Holy Spirit says, “Many of you have sown time, money, and resources beyond your capability.” I believe God is declaring the restoration of all that was lost and the Holy Spirit decrees during your Reap Year,


Nothing has been lost, What you have sown has been stored up, gathered, and multiplied for this very season. The dream you have in your heart has now reached critical mass. And the Lord would say to you, prepare yourself for the harvest, open up your storehouses, and steady yourself for the increase. This is not based on your perfection but my goodness. Psalms 34:8 (NKJV) says, “You crown the year with Your goodness, and Your paths drip with abundance. You have entered into a season of recovery and increase, which the enemy can’t stop or alter. This is the year your harvest will be protected from depreciation. Regardless of what happens to the economy, you will experience a Bull market. There will be no depreciation or loss of revenue. You will partake in the Psalms 115:14 covenant, “May the LORD give you increase more and more, You and your children.


So, What is the cycle of Jubilee it occurs after 7 Sabbaths in a 49-year cycle which will be pronounced in October 2024. It is the Sabbatical system. What is the Sabbatical system? Following Pharoah’s captivity God initiated a cycle of feasts to commemorate the Jewish people’s relationship with an almighty God, which deals with land, property, and property rights. Interestingly, American land is a hot commodity and is being bought up by the acre from unknown entities and unidentifiable shell corporations. Farmers are under assault because the wealth and the covenant are with the land. In California, where I live, a mysterious investment company is buying up large tracts of land around a California Air Force base. If you have never owned a home this will be your year.


Jubilee is the year following 7 Sabbath years or a Sabbath week. It is a year of rest, return, and restoration; or a Schmita year. On the day of Atonement, A TRUMP will sound announcing the Year of Jubilee, The shofar is to be passed throughout the land on Yom Kippur of the 49th year, six months before the beginning of the coming Jubilee year. which will not begin until six months later which will be April 2025. The 50th year is Schmita year. In the Schmita year,

they are commissioned to allow the land to rest. The Lord will give you rest.




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