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Prophetic Protocols: Make Room

Things are swiftly moving in the spirit. God is shifting the atmosphere around you and silencing the contrary winds, especially in the area of relationships. This will be the work of the Holy Spirit, not the flesh, all you have to do is cooperate and make the minor adjustments the Holy Spirit is directing you to. He will connect you with people who honor you like you deserve. Many of you are connected to people who lift you up in public but slander you in private.

In the natural when something leaves your life you feel the loss and a void is left in your soul; Human nature is to seek relief but the Holy Spirit's directive in this shift is, to feel the void, don’t fill the void. Everything lost must be grieved and If you don’t grieve it now your body will grieve it later. The Holy Spirit wants you to make space for new connections. The people leaving your space are not bad, they are just bad for you and do not have what you need to help you maximize your assignment.

There are new people on their way to you with the skills, revenue, and clarity you need to enter into the next leg of your divine assignment. God wants to move you into dimensions of influence, effluence, and affluence. He is going to brand you with a mark of distinction that will be recognized by those who are connected to your assignment.

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Aug 25, 2023



Yes Hallelujah I believe this!

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