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WITCHES IN THE WORKPLACE Building an Effective Battle Strategy

  • Workplace bullying and professional sabotage have become the norm in the marketplace. The issue is most companies will not mitigate this problem or support the employees that are being bullied. I believe the main culprit is insecurity and intimidation by those in leadership. Witches in the Workplace: Building an effective battle strategy, is a must-have for marketplace prophets.

    Warfare in the marketplace is becoming increasingly more vicious and is taking its toll on God's people. This book will help you identify these individuals, understand exactly what witchcraft is, help you survive an attack and teach you how to effectively build a battle strategy that will assure your victory!


    The Body of Christ is in desperate need of a battalion of credible and trained prophets that can counteract the tsunami of moral decay that is sweeping across the globe. This book is dedicated to the 21st-century prophets, dreamers, prophetic scribes and seers to help them understand the power and purpose of their prophetic calling. It will equip them to effectively walk out their assignment and take their rightful place in the Kingdom of God and in history.


    Furthermore, readers will be galvanized to overcome the pain of rejection, the crippling affects of abandonment, Childhood trauma, recover from grief and loss, heal from church wounds and frustrate the plans of witches in the workplace. The author’s mandate is to help prophets excel in the marketplace, marriage, and ministry.  Also available as a download.

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