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Yvonne's mandate is to help Prophets and Christian leaders excel in every aspect of life. She is an Executive Coach and Spiritual Counselor with expertise in Organizational Development, Spiritual Development, Forgiveness Coaching, and the development of Life and Business Strategies. She is the Founder of the Deborah and Esther Arising Conference and the owner of Quiverfull Publishing.  Yvonne has been engaged in ministry and business for over thirty years, she has worked for some of the largest non-profit organizations in the country, as well as being elected to serve on their boards.

With a rich family history and as a natural-born leader, she has spent countless hours training leaders and giving spiritual counsel in both the private and public sectors. She is a change agent and a prayer strategist with a powerful gift of impartation and healing; her message is revelatory, transforming, and revolutionary. 

She is a third-generation Entrepreneur and Ministry Leader. Her grandfather was named received an award from the Governor of Ohio as a Minority Business Owner.  Her 2nd cousin, Teddy Buckner, was also a staple in Hollywood as a musician who worked with Nat King Cole, Eartha Kitt, Louie Armstrong, and Disney. In addition, she has a rich

history rooted in four generations of ministry.  Yvonne is not only a dynamic speaker but is also a prolific writer. In addition to writing books, she has also written for several online blogs, local newspapers, and national magazines. Yvonne has a B.A. in Christian Studies from Vision International University with coursework in childhood grief, trauma, and loss. She is also a member of  The American Association for Christian Counselors (AACC) where she is pursuing her certification in Mental Health Coaching. 

Yvonne is no stranger to pain and hardship, she is a survivor of domestic violence, sexual abuse, divorce, she has overcome the grief and loss of her mother and a stillborn child. Through life's challenges, she has poised herself to overcome and win. Her peers know her as an individual who lives a sacrificial life of giving and service. She selflessly donates her time to community development and missionary work, both domestic and abroad.  The culmination of Yvonne’s benevolence happened on February 16, 2006, when she donated a kidney to her friend.