This Bootcamp is designed to help you finish the book that you have already started in your heart and spirit but have had a difficult time putting it on paper. It designed to activate your Scribal Anointing. One of the main focuses is to get you unstuck and help you break the barrier of fear that is causing you to procrastinate. My proven strategy will help you create the life you want with your content.


A book can be used in so many ways to open doors that would otherwise be closed.  It is the calling card and key to your success as a writer and information broker. Kathryn Booth said, "My ears are aching for words that have fire on it." Everything you will ever write has already been written in the vaults of Heaven to be released in your generation.  This is the year to access your Heavenly library card.   Click This Link to Register




We will be meeting via Zoom.  The Bootcamp will be offered on the following dates and times

December  9 - 11 @ 6pm-7pm pst

* Sessions will also be accessible via recording. 


I will walk you through the ABC's of writing, publishing, editing, printing, marketing, and selling your book. At the conclusion of our time together you will have a clear-cut path and strategy to get your book completed.


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