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I sense one of the greatest revivals is going to take place in the Marketplace. Jesus spent the majority of His time working out in the field, not in the church.  Because revival is imminent it's important for you to be prepared and have a full-proof strategic warfare plan. These are pivotal times and you have been given the unique opportunity to reposition yourself and posture yourself for growth and promotion.  Click This Link to Register




We will be meeting via Zoom.  The Bootcamp will be offered on the following dates and times

Next training TBD

* Sessions will also be accessible via recording. 


Whether you work for yourself or for an organization this Bootcamp will equip you with the tools you need. It will consist of intercessory prayer, developing an effective battle strategy, understanding the nature of demons, how to dismantle and disable them in your sphere of influence. One of our primary goals is to equip with a personalized battle strategy so you will no longer be the target of witches and warlocks.