My Expertise

Putting feet to her faith, in 2017 Yvonne left a six-figure income to pursue her passion of empowering people and facilitating personal growth. Helping Prophets and Christian Leaders excel in the marketplace is her expertise. Yvonne's comprehensive sessions will help you reposition yourself and empower you to create the life you want, overcome and excel in the workplace.  

Her coaching and mentoring sessions will help you shift your paradigm, maximize your momentum, and secure your future success. Her intuitive style is the catalyst that her clients need to help uncover roadblocks and blind spots personally and professionally.


My Focus

I am an empowerment coach and the core of what I do is to help you identify emotional roadblocks, establish healthy boundaries and uncover areas where the enemy traffics.  Some of the areas we will address are roots of bitterness, vows and agreements, and childhood trauma with the goal of developing a sustainable workable plan. In addition to working with Corporations listed below, she has worked with employees from the Social Security Administration, The USDA, The Department of Defense, and NBC Sports, just to name a few. 

What to Expect

Once your sessions are booked we will engage in a 30-minute discovery session prior to starting. This session is designed to develop a plan of action as well as answer any questions you might have for me.  We will discuss what your goals and focus will be as well as what you are hoping to accomplish. Prior to your session(s), you will be required to complete my Coaching Package which will include a Confidentiality Statement, a Life Event Questionnaire, and my discovery questionnaire. This will help us establish a solid plan for emotional growth. Once your coaching documents are complete you will email them to me at


Who I've Worked With

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Liz Kim

Ariscope supplies


Kiambuu, Central, Kenya

I recommend Yvonne camper Ministries. She is raising up prophets in the marketplace.  She has inspired me in many ways and makes me realize the will of God and how to work in the workplace, despite the hardships and opposition by witches. Her way of going deep into the word on every prophetic message makes it very easy to understand God's will. I highly recommend this woman of God.

Rae. M

Film Producer, Casting Director, Life Coach

Although Yvonne is clearly assigned to teach, heal, and empower prophets, she is gifted, educated, and anointed for the masses. No matter what you may be aspiring to achieve, become, or heal from, Yvonne will always have a Word from the Lord for you! As a true, spirit-led Prophet, she can tell you not only what God is saying, but she can show you what the Word says about it and what you need to do about it. She is excellent at assigning applicable, quantifiable steps to make sure you can walk your deliverance all the way out.

Be warned, she will not sugar coat the truth for you. She’s not playing games with the enemy and his deceptive tactics. If you call on her, be ready to hear some hard things, and be ready to do the work! I know from experience, if you are really ready to heal, and discover who you are, Yvonne is powerfully anointed to get you there. I have referred many people to her, and I will continue to do so. I don’t know where I’d be without her, and I know there are many others who can say the same! I truly thank God for her life!

Areale Hammond

Psychology Student ORU

If you have been in a cyclical season and ready to be unlocked and propelled, Yvonne Camper Ministries is for you! I needed answers and healing with my family. My first session alone broke the cycle of unforgiveness and blossomed permanent healing and reconciliation between me and my family that I never knew was possible. If you’re ready to be healed and watch miracles unfold, what are you waiting for? Book a session! You won’t regret it.

Trechanel W. C

Clinical Psychologist

Sometimes there comes a season in your life when you just feel stuck or perhaps in a dry it personally, professionally, or even spiritually. You try your best to figure out...” how do I move from the place where I am (stuck) to the place where I want to be?” Yvonne is truly amazing at helping you to identify the hindrances and roadblocks that may be preventing you from moving towards your destiny. I appreciate her sensitivity which allowed me to be completely transparent and vulnerable during our meetings.


Thank you, Yvonne, for your prophetic insight, wisdom, and holding me accountable. Our talks have been thought-provoking, stimulating, and invaluable for reaching my goals. When you are pregnant with purpose and possibilities you may need a midwife to help you to “ birth that thang” After each meeting, I left feeling lighter, having clarity of vision, and a renewed sense of purpose and joy.


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