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Work with Yvonne one on one. These sessions are designed to help you identify roadblocks and barriers to your success and progress.  The goal is to help you repurpose your life and build a strategic personal development plan.

I am not a licensed clinician but am a professional Executive Coach with 30-years of experience. If at any time I feel like you need professional help I would be glad to refer you to one of my colleagues who are licensed, clinicians. Before booking your appointment please download my coaching packet and complete the questionnaire, sign the Confidentiality Statement, and email it to me

In addition, when booking multiple sessions the coaching platform will allow you to book your first date and time. At the completion of our first session, we will book your remaining sessions.  I am looking forward to working with you. 


Imagine your life like a jigsaw puzzle. Yvonne will help discover pieces that were missing that you felt may have been lost for good. In that process as you discover what that missing piece entails your perspective of the bigger picture will unfold because that missing piece was the final piece in completing that puzzle. I recommend Yvonne to anyone who is searching for a coach and wants to go deeper into areas you are searching for clarity with. It was rewarding for me and I hope you will take the time to put in the work and effort in investing in yourself with Yvonne. 


 Prophetess Camper exhibited nothing less than the character of Christ in this endeavor.  She presented and consistently protected our space to discuss events in my past without feeling it would end up on "front street" or be judged.  We prayed, we quoted and read scripture, we cried, and we shared.  She did not leave me out there, she came into each hurt/pain/loss and often times shared her own testimonies and current struggles.




 There is nothing like a woman of God that walks in integrity, power, love, and authority! I can truly say that Yvonne Camper embodies all of that and so much more. She has a tremendous gift to heal the wounded through the work of the Holy Spirit and has written several books including Healing the Wounds: Prophetic Leadership Transformed.


Her book gives you an in-depth understanding of the prophetic gifting and the office of the prophetic as well as the nature of a prophetic person's life. If you want to have a better understanding of your gifting I recommend that you attend her sessions and get her book.



 Sometimes there comes a season in your life when you just feel stuck or perhaps in a dry it personally, professionally, or even spiritually. You try your best to figure out...” how do I move from the place where I am (stuck) to the place where I want to be?” Yvonne is truly amazing at helping you to identify the hindrances and roadblocks that may be preventing you from moving towards your destiny.


I appreciate her sensitivity which allowed me to be completely transparent and vulnerable during our meetings. Thank you, Yvonne, for your prophetic insight, wisdom, and holding me accountable. Our talks have been thought-provoking, stimulating, and invaluable for reaching my goals. When you are pregnant with purpose and possibilities you may need a midwife to help you to “ birth that thang” After each meeting, I left feeling lighter, having clarity of vision, and a renewed sense of purpose and joy.



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