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GET TO THE ROOT OF IT; A Guide to Emotional Healing

  • Since Yvonne deals with many people struggling with emotional wounds and trauma, she decided to develop this journal as a tool to aid you in continuing your journey to wholeness. Your deliverance solely depends on your belief that Jesus, by His blood, paid the full price for your redemption and conquered, on the cross, everything that can and will come against you. We think it is imperative that you chart your progress and the things that the Holy Spirit shares with you as you work through the issues that have plagued your soul.


    We deal in depth with rejection, bitterness, fear, guilt, abuse, unforgiveness, soul ties and sexual sins. You will spend 14 days with each subject journaling your progress and position yourself to overcome the issues victoriously. We will discuss what the challenges are, what the symptoms are, your daily confession, and how to be healed. Also available as a download.

  • Please contact us for our company's return and refund policy. 

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