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A BOTCHED ELECTION - Why Did the Prophets Missed It?

  • This is one of the most publicized elections in my lifetime. There were so many anomalies in the natural and in the spiritual realm. This particular Presidential Election was bathed and wrapped in a prophetic word that started in 1983 and culminated with Prophet Kim Clement in 2008. Sadly, he died on November 23, days after President Trump was elected to his first term.

    The question remains were the prophets making things up? Did they miss it? Did they hear God? Or Is the word still in motion? The battle for the soul of this nation is intensive. Credible prophets relented and apologized before they let God complete His mission. As we engage it is important to understand what a true prophetic word is and acknowledge that some prophets in the Bible never even got to see their prophetic word come to pass. This conversation is necessary and important as we go forward.

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