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What shall I render to theLord?An acceptable sacrifice

Strange fire is a sacrifice that God did not require or ask for. It’s time for prophets to stop operating illegally and unclean. A prophet called by God must desire sanctification; Many of you have been going through severe personal trials because God is pruning and cleansing you. The greater the call the steeper the correction. No longer can you ride on your anointing and gifting. There must be a complete surrender of your will and a purification of your ways.

I saw a tree in the spirit rapidly blooming. The interpretation is, "If you obey there will be a supernatural increase in your endeavors; one that could never be produced by human effort."This is the season to bind yourself to the horns of the Altar and not get up until an acceptable sacrifice has been offered. There is a two-fold sacrifice. .....the prophet must be holy and the sacrifice must be clean or the offering will be completely nullified.

Jesus’ death was multi-dimensional and multi-faceted which released the authority and power for us to defeat the enemy. Although His body was broken and every drop of His blood was splattered on the ground - He got up and many came out of the grave (Matthew 27:52)! He gave his soul as an offering for sin (Isaiah 53:10) so there is no reason we cannot live a victorious life.

His Spirit was crushed but multiplied so that every believer could have access to resurrection power; So Satan’s assault against Jesus was futile and was a victory in reverse; 1 Corinthians 2:8 boldly declares, "But the rulers of this world have not understood it; if they had, they would not have crucified our glorious Lord." One son multiplied has been a vicious assault on the Kingdom of darkness. You matter, your voice matters, your ministry matters, and your life matters. God cannot accomplish His mission in this generation without you.

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