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THE NEW PROPHETIC ORDER - Separation, Elevation and Miracles

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

As we enter into this new season of separation, elevation, and miracles God is doing something unique and specific in His special agents the prophets. We are not those that shrink down or draw back, we stand firm on what He says. But there are things that we need to take responsibility for. I have learned over these last couple of years that spiritual ground and territory needs to be contended for especially where we are now. It looks like evil is winning but the Lord will prevail. He is the Lord of Host and the Captain of the Angelic army whom no one can defeat.

So many believe that just because God said it, or you got a prophetic word that you are exempt from any responsibility. Prophetic words are powerful, but Paul instructed Timothy to wage war, battle, fight and contend with the prophetic words spoken over his life (1 Timothy 1:18). It is a depiction of the Roman Gladiator fights, only one person was coming out of the ring alive. Jude wrote, “Contend, struggle for the faith that was once delivered unto the Saints, (Jude 1:3).

Here are the divine strategies that the Lord gave me to prevail over my own battles:


There are some situations and people you are going to have to close the door to. No more deliberating and thinking about it. Many times, the decision has already been made you are just afraid to move forward because you think you are going to miss something. When God is commanding you to close the door He is in the background crafting a tailor made miracle just for you. He is trying to get something or someone better to you. I would rather let it go than have God pry it out of my hands (2 Kings 4:3-5, 2 Kings 4:32).


Some people’s opinions about who you are and about your purpose do not matter anymore. What did God say to you? Other people’s perspective sometimes does more harm than good. People can talk you out of the plan of God if you do not exercise your discernment. I had a person in my life, many years ago, that no matter how hard I tried to make the relationship work or better yet tolerate, it was destined to fail. She was a friend on GP because I knew her brother. It was very obvious that she struggled with jealousy and our friendship was built on competition rather than mutual affection (envy masquerades itself as interest). Several times she ended the friendship, for unknown reasons, but always attempted to come back, say sorry and I would rekindle the friendship. A wise voice said, “End it, she can do more harm where you are going then where you are at.” I did just that (Mark 5:38-41).


Jesus submitted to the crucifixion on a bloody cross so that we could be not just saved but healed. He died and rose so that every traumatic thing that ever happened to us could be eradicated. Isaiah 53:5 says, …He was bruised…, so everything twisted, broken, and deeply embedded in our psyche could be healed. We all know the story of Job, the tragedy, the heartbreak, the loss but Job 42:12 & 17 says, “The Lord blessed the latter part of Job’s life more than the former part…. And so, Job died, an old man and full of years." The book of Job is a documented account that people can fully heal from traumatic experiences, the question is, “How bad do you want it?” No one has a franchise on pain, and we can rehearse and relive our traumatic experiences over and over again. Rather than relive your story, rewrite it! (Matthew 16:6).

Keys to healing from trauma:

  • Acknowledge the anger and hurt. You cannot heal from something you will not admit. It does not matter whose fault it was.

  • Allow yourself to feel the pain. Embrace the fact that it hurts and the more you allow yourself to feel the more it hurts. A wise counselor once said, “If you are feeling you are healing.” One thing I have learned about pain is that it dissipates. The Bible says, weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning (Psalms 30:5).

  • Accept the loss. It is over, they are gone, you missed it, but it is not the end.

  • Forgive, this is the critical key to your healing. You need supernatural help to get through some things. God cannot help us when we violate the basic premises of His word (see below).

  • Renew your mind to the healing liberty you have received in Christ. This is the second critical step. Whenever we are hurt there is a lie, we believe about ourselves and about God. That lie needs to be dismantled and uprooted so we can completely be made whole.


There used to be a commercial when I was growing up that said, “When EF Hutton speaks everybody listens,” Implying that they heard what EF Hutton had to say, acknowledged his expertise in the world of investments and sent him money to build a portfolio. We have to be able to not only listen to God’s voice but hear Him and respond. Jesus said in the book of Revelations, “He that has an ear, let him hear.” (Matthew 4:18-19)!


The nail in the coffin is forgiveness. In it’s Greek definition it means to “release.” Therefore, if we don’t release it, we “capture” the hurt and hold it hostage opening the door to all kinds of satanic evil. In my profession this is the number one issue that is hindering God’s people. When we don’t forgive, we are nullify the work on of the Cross. Jesus’ words on the cross regarding the thieves on His right and on His left, “were, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.(Luke 23:24).” Albiet, some wounds were intentional and the person meant to harm you, the deeper the wound, the greater the victory. Depending on the nature of the offense it can be very difficult but with the help of the Holy Spirit it is made easy.

Below is a simple exercise that I have given to my clients over the last five years, it really works! Forgiveness is an act of faith that releases and mends our wounded emotions and opens the door to great opportunties in Christ to excel and fulfill purpose. Most people don’t want to forgive because they think it is letting the other person off the hook. To the contrary, “Whatever a man sows this shall he also reap” (Galatians 6:7).

Make a list of everyone that you need to forgive. Ask the Holy Spirit and don’t rely on your own intellect. Then do the following one by one:

_________________ I forgive you

I forgive you for _________________

_________________ I release you now

_________________ You no longer have power of me

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