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I am off the heels of a 10-day vacation that was much needed and well spent. I did so many things that I enjoyed and spent time with family and friends. Thanks to one of my dearest cohorts, I was even able to scratch something off of my bucket list. I went to the gun range and that was an incredible experience.

I have learned, that It is important, if you are engaged in the marketplace, or in ministry or managing a family that it is necessary for you to pull away and recharge. The more God expands your influence, and the more people tug on your anointing the more times of refreshing are going to be a mandate. Luke talks about how Jesus' influence spread and the crowds began to surge throughout the region. So, what was Jesus' response?

Did he put his feet on the gas to accelerate the movement and not loose traction? Did he wear Himself out or spread himself even thinner to meet the demands of His swelling responsibility? His counterattack was epic and divine. Luke 5:16 says, "Yet He frequently withdrew to the wilderness to pray." Yet, infers despite of or nevertheless; this implies Jesus was not influenced by what was going on around Him but by what was going in inside of Him was of the utmost importance.

The greek translation of the word withdrew infers that Jesus made a commitment, put forth effort, and made time for this to happen. It was a scheduled event; It was responsive not reactive. He did not let himself get completely depleted before He took action. He, in fact, stopped burnout before it started. Therefore, as a man, He lived in a perpetual state of refreshing and peace. His humanity provokes us to live effectively and finish well.

You are your greatest asset so if you don’t make the time to rejuvenate yourself ; your influence will be short lived and your reach will ultimately ebb away. On the contrary, if you make the time, you will be a greater asset to the people you influence, your mind will be sharper, your temper will be diminished and your frustration will wane. You are far more effective rested than mentally and emotionally exhausted. Some of what God's people are fighting is not warfare but battle fatigue.

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