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Prophetic Patriot - Trump getting arrested?

A New York DA has made plans to potentially arrest President Donald Trump tomorrow. What does this have to do with the Prophetic community? Everything! In 2015 it was Prophet Kim Clement who began to release the word that Trump would be President. Kim Clement died in November 2016 the same month President Trump won the election, which I believe was God’s way of solidifying the accuracy of Clement's prophetic mantle. Shortly after Trump announced his bid for the presidency. Hebrews 9:16-17 says, “For a testament is of force after men are dead: otherwise it is of no strength at all while the testator liveth.” Whether we like Donald Trump or not it is the will of the Father. We have to remember that the prophetic is future events, not a daily horoscope.

The word prophecy means, The gift of communicating and enforcing revealed truth from the mind of God concerning things to come." What most people call prophecy are edification and exhortation. The prophetic word needs to be warred with and birthed out in the Earth according to 1 Timothy 1:18. It’s not going to just happen because we want it to. For Trump to fulfill Kim Clement’s prophecy he had to commit to something he said he would never do and that was to run for office as stated in his 1988 interview with Oprah.

Arresting a President is an unprecedented move in this nation's history. The Watergate scandal of the 70s makes this petty indictment look like child’s play and Nixon, who committed a crime, was never arrested. Nor was President Clinton for the same offense. President Trump has always said, "They are not after me they are after you." If they can take down a President, then what can they do to us? Here is what? They can completely obliterate our religious freedoms, silence our right to free speech, stifle our right to protest and bear arms, dismantle free and fair elections, interrupt our freedom to worship, and unleash medical tyranny.

Legally and authoritatively he is the seated President. The President is the anointing, not the location. All the shenanigans in the political arena are to make sure he cannot run in 2024. A person cannot take office with a criminal background or an impeachment. Stolen elections are nothing new in this nation, they have just never been more apparent and more egregious. I know this may be confirmation to some and news to others. Satan is trying to push his agenda early, as he always has. It’s the political arena that empowers the church. Jezebel was powerful not because she was a witch but because she was a Queen, married to Ahab, and a princess under her Father. She was a powerful political force. If you have been feeling the urge to run for office, the Lord says, "Yes."

Prophet Bonnie Jones said the Lord showed her President Trump was going to do three terms because the law was going to change. What law is going to change? The election laws… Same-day voting, no drop boxes, secure mail-in voting, and signature verification. When a friend told me years ago, "My vote doesn't count." I was shocked and in utter disbelief. Kathryn Englebrecth of true the vote is certainly a modern-day Esther fighting on the frontlines for election integrity. As prophets, we need to be praying for free and fair elections so our children and grandchildren can benefit from the religious liberties that we have been afforded.

So, what’s really going on in America? The Constitution is under assault and the Church is the designated target. Satan is trying to force a stillbirth out of the spiritual womb of this nation. The enemy is trying to silence the voice of Christ and the prophets. I heard a prophet say, He asked God, “Why are the sharks coming so close to the shore?” The Holy Spirit responded, “The hedge is lifting.” America has been hedged in and fenced in by a church whose foundation was the Bible, not money. Let’s get back to the word. People are not leaving the church because they don’t love God, they are leaving because the pulpit has become a laundering place and a bastion for open sin. The prophets of Bael want us to believe the church is shrinking but it is expanding its influence into all sectors of society now, the marketplace is heaving with God’s people and Jesus is on His way to your job! The marketplace is the new church.

This is no longer a battle of race or politics but of good and evil. ­­The tide is shifting and a holy Tsunami is emerging. A Tsunami is the result of an earthquake and the water begins to slowly swell until it becomes unquenchable and will obliterate everything in its path. To see major Christian movies on deliverance, prophecy, worship, and healing hit mainstream theaters is unprecedented. A new documentary called ­Come out in Jesus' name just hit the theaters this month. Then there was Sean Feucht’s Superspreader amid Covid lockdowns, and recently The Jesus revolution, which was an unprecedented move of the Holy Spirit in the hippy movement of the 70s.

Several years ago, I asked the Holy Spirit, "What is the prerequisite for a revival, He said, "Utter darkness in the world." I guess we are there. The prophetic winds are stirring and the prophets are coming out of the caves. The Lord has been replenishing you, healing you, and fortifying your battle strategies for such a time as this. In I Kings 18:4, "Obadiah hid a hundred prophets of God in two caves, fifty in each, to protect them from Jezebel's tyranny. He fed them and gave them water to sustain them. The modern-day Obadiahs have completed their assignments. It's time to come out of the cave. We are now ready.

America will be different after all of this, but the church will flourish as our government is being dismantled and rebuilt. Our nation will go back to "We the People" and systemic racism based on color will become a thing of the past. The new party are those who will be on the Lord's side. The spirit of communism has been in this nation for years it has just never been able to gain traction, up until now. They want you to bow to their woke ideologies and not to the great God of Heaven and Earth. This is not the end of the world but the closing of an age where the church is gathering for the final harvest and as always Jehovah Saboath… the captain of the army, is in position.

In closing, build your Ark, start your business, write your book, paint, draw, sew, and sing….. whatever the Lord has given you, do it with all your might. We have 3-5 years to build and replenish our storehouses. We are on the precipice of a convergence zone where wealth is coming into the Kingdom of God to fund the Gospel. This is no longer about what party you represent but the battle has ascended to principalities and powers contending for the soul of this nation… An epic revival is stirring that will consume the globe. No political force will be able to stop what's coming. We are about to be drenched in Holy Ghost fire!

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Your posts are so beautifully written!! You absolutely made it plain. Thank you, Prophetess!


This was SO good! Thank you for delivering the Word from the Lord!


The thought of how they are trying their hardest to keep this man down just has me angry...I pray the saints will rise up and help these things turn quickly in the spirit realm. Thank you for writing this!

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