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I am especially excited about this year's conference. The Lord initially gave me the idea in 2019. And I believe It is past time for you to walk in your God-given authority and possess your land. The theme is Pick up Your Scepter! What if Esther or Deborah decided to renege on their assignments? What if they felt like it did not matter? History would have been altered forever. Your assignment matters and God is counting on you to step into your rightful place! People are waiting for you!

My personal theme is, "Get in the birthing position." I am going to release everything the Lord has placed on my heart. No more fear, no more procrastination, and no more making excuses. If you have had a child you know once a baby starts coming you can't stop it! I decree quick deliveries, no stillbirths, no birth defects, and no postpartum complications.

This year I am also launching the Deborah and Esther Retreat - The Royal Treatment on September 15, 2023 - September 17, 2023. There are only 20 spaces available. The retreat includes a 3-day getaway at a private location, Catered meals by my son, Celebrity Chef Roman Styles, a business brunch, and two powerful ministry sessions with myself and my special guest Dr. Trachanel Cater. She is a powerful prophetic voice and spiritual practitioner.

You can register for the Deborah and Esther Arising Conference 2023 and the Retreat HERE

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