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Did the Prophets Miss It?

In light of recent events, there has been a lot of conflict concerning the election. The biggest question that needs to be answered is did the prophets miss it? I do not think so but does God have the final say, of course. Has it been a battle, unlike anything we have ever experienced, the answer would be yes. Has it turned out the way we expected? Not yet. On a phone call with some Nigerian women; one of them said, “The pandemic has unleashed demons in America that we have never had to fight.” Over a decade ago a prophet asked the Lord why the sharks were coming in so close to the shore? And the Lord responded, “Because the hedge is lifting.” So, as a Christian, have you been doing your part to keep the hedge lifted, or have you been just enjoying the benefit of being hedged? It is also important to discern there is a difference between the carnal church and the remnant. The carnal church needs to understand what God is doing before they move. The remnant moves with God, whether they understand what He is doing or not.

Here are a few prophetic lessons I have learned doing this season:

What is Biblical Prophecy?

Prophecy for most people today is just confirmation. True prophecy is a future event that demands a response. We see that in the life of John the Baptist where God shut Zacharias’ mouth until John was born because He did not want him to interfere with His plan (Luke:5-23). We see when God told Joseph to take Jesus to Egypt so Herod would not abort God’s mission (Matthew 2:13-23). Prophecy is not fortune telling, psychic readings, and good words. What has happened to the Body of Christ is that we do not know how to contend with a word so when it does not go the way we think we lose hope and think the prophets missed it. It is important to remember that God lives outside of time and earthly laws. He is not bound to this earth system and does everything from the throne room. A true prophetic word cares nothing about our feelings or what we think; its only objective is to work out all things according to the counsel of God’s own will (Ephesians 1:11). I want to add that prophecy is not trying to move the hand of God and make Him do something that He has not purposed, it is coming into spiritual synergy to see what He planned manifest in the Earth realm. Everything we see in the Earth realm has already been established in Heaven. (Matthew 6:10)

God does not speak to every prophet?

There are some things that I have seen happen that God has not spoken to me about. My response is to pray for those who He has spoken to and continue to do what He has told me to do.

It's not about a person

It is more about God’s plans and purposes than it is about a person. God’s plan was to redeem the house of Israel, so He created a body in the person of Jesus Christ (Hebrews 10:5). The people did not reject God’s plan, they rejected Jesus; the person will always come under contradiction. The same is with you; God created a body for you to fulfill your purpose because a spirit cannot operate in the earth realm legally. So, some people like you and some do not but that does not neutralize God’s purpose for your life.

God told Jeremiah, “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, before you were born, I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations. (Jeremiah 1:5)” The operative word is “Before” We can never allow ourselves to deliberate over who God chooses because it is His choice, not ours and He is not at the discretion of our opinion. Psalms 115:3 says, “Our God is in heaven; he does whatever pleases him.

How do you know a prophetic word is true?

From experience, God speaks on a specific frequency and as a prophet, you have to discipline yourself to hear God’s voice through prayer, fasting, worship, and studying the scriptures. You cannot unhear a prophetic word just like you cannot unborn a baby. I know that may not be good English, but the implications are weighty. When God speaks to me I absolutely know it is Him because that voice is familiar to me. Even the prophet Samuel had to get familiar with hearing God’s voice. Samuel 3:7-9 says, “Now Samuel did not yet know the Lord: The word of the Lord had not yet been revealed to him. A third time the Lord called, “Samuel!” And Samuel got up and went to Eli and said, “Here I am; you called me. So, Eli told Samuel, “Go and lie down, and if he calls you, say, ‘Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening...” As a prophet, you cannot only read devotionals, sing worship songs, watch videos, listen to podcasts, and go to church. You are going to have to spend some time barricaded in the presence of God and in the word of God so you can get accustomed to the frequency in which He speaks. I know my children’s voices but sometimes my daughters can sound the same; If that can happen in the natural it can happen in the Spirit.

Natural signs and a continuous thread of agreement

We do not prophesy in a silo, there has to be agreement in the earth that confirms what God is doing. Both through natural signs and other credible prophetic voices. For me, dreams I did not understand, over the past twelve years have made complete sense now. The prophetic word also runs along the continuum of time. The first prophetic word about President Trump was in 1983 and when you look at old videos, they were asking him years ago would he run for President. Kim Clement, who was a credible voice, prophesied this nearly 10 years ago. Also, too many people have had dreams, visions, and prophetic words… most of them nameless and faceless. God would not speak to that many people if it were not His plan or will.

In the life and ministry of Jesus, we see a prophetic thread from Genesis through the New Testament. It is confirmed in the first chapter of Matthew that documents Jesus’ lineage. God protected His word throughout the generations. God gives us the prophetic word so when things look impossible, we can remain firm in our convictions. 2 Peter 1:19 says, “We also have the prophetic message as something completely reliable, and you will do well to pay attention to it, as to a light shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts.”

There are always signs in the natural that confirm the movement of God. The Red Sea parting, the walls of Jericho coming down, the Eastern star confirming Jesus’ birth. When God speaks a word everything in the natural and spiritual has to come in agreement with His divine declaration. When something moves in the Heavenlies there is a demonstrative response in the earth realm. There is language throughout the Bible that verifies this. Psalms 29:11 says, “The voice of the Lord makes the deer give birth, And strips the forests bare; And in His temple everyone says, “Glory!” There were earthquakes that happened in very key Biblical areas that coincided with critical dates in our nation (November 3 and January 6). We can say coincidental, perhaps.

Timing is everything

December 21, 1620, was the birth of this nation, we are literally at the 400-year mark. 400 years is significant in the Bible; it is the cleansing of a nation. God left the children of Israel in Egyptian bondage until the iniquity of the Amorites had been fulfilled. Genesis 5:16 says, “But in the fourth generation they shall return here, for the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet complete.” The cup of iniquity is full in this nation and God is now obligated, by His own character and nature to respond.

Faith to believe and strength to endure

For every true prophetic word, there will always be satanic opposition, but God will strengthen the prophets to endure the contradiction. When God sent Elijah to King Ahab (1 Kings 18:1) Jezebel rose up to counteract and neuter God’s assignment through Elijah. He also releases faith to believe and endure. Anna remained in the temple worshipping, fasting, and praying until Jesus appeared (Luke 2:37). Did people think Anna was crazy, of course, they did. A prophetic word arrests you. Ezekiel was picked up by the word of prophecy and hung in the balance between Heaven and Earth (Ezekiel 8:3). Your life gets put on hold for a period of time and you have to resist the temptation to want to get back to normal.

In my experience, the closer an event gets to manifestation the heavier the burden gets and the more intense the warfare becomes. Paul said, there were many devils at the open door that God had prepared for him (1 Corinthians 16:8). It is also important to remember God is not bound to our earthly laws and dates. He operates from the Kingdom which has an entirely different set of laws and His plan is perfect. We know in part and we prophesy in part (1 Corinthians 13:9). We say what God has given us to say and we cannot control His methods, His timing, or His actions.

My final thoughts

God is draining the swamps! I believe He is draining the swamps in the world and in the church. And those that heard it were in agreement but now that it is really happening and harder than anticipated people are jumping ship because it is so uncomfortable. I believe the real objective has nothing to do with the presidential election but what is in the swamp.

I believe the root is the sexual, mental abuse of the children in this nation and the church. I wrote an article back in June of 2020 called Revenge or Revival and God showed me He was after the shedding of innocent blood. God is always after the root because if you kill the root you kill the fruit. Jesus spoke to the Fig tree and cursed the roots so no more fruit would grow on that tree again (Mark 11:20). We cannot allow ourselves to check out, we must ask God what we should be doing in this hour. Is my faith shaken, an emphatic yes, to the core! But I would rather ride or die until the wheels fall off than flip back and forth. I think that is so much worse than having to apologize to the Body of Christ. Will I recover yes, because God still has a plan and purpose for me. Has the church woke up, Yes! which is absolutely amazing and exciting to see what is next for us. I have studied revivals over the past few years and this one is going to be EPIC! Going AWOL is not an option. He that has an ear let Him hear what the Spirit is saying to the church.

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