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America Arise; Closed Churches and the New Prophetic Order

I want to first start off saying concerning the 2020 Election, I am still holding the line. I believe what God said and what He has showed me for over the last 20+ years, which I have shared with several credible prophets. I had a dream in 2018 that rocked me to the core, it was entitled The Coming Shift, are you really a Christian? In the dream Russian soldiers were storming the church where I was preaching to several young adults; The opposite of religious freedom is communism. Revival had begun to invade the atmosphere and was immediately halted by these intruders. The God of this world can delay but he can't stop. This was an indication that persecution was about to hit the church and that revival, unlike anything we have ever seen, was imminent. The primary prerequisite for revival is utter darkness in the world system. The darker the world the brighter the light of the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ (John 1:5).

What this battle is all about is extinguishing the looming fire of God out of our nation and silencing the voices of the Prophets of Yahweh so Satan can shackle this nation with systems that will desecrate and destroy God's most precious resource, His Creation. As a prophet when you are charting new territory it is a lonely existence and you have maybe, at best, a few that even believe what you have seen can even be possible. As an American Prophet we all knew something needed to change but we did not know how or when. Many of the current Prophetic Voices were still embracing the prophecy payment system. I prophesy, you pay me. I am learning more and more that God is a master strategist. While Satan is playing checkers, God is playing chess.

I was reading some of my old journals from 1993 and everything that is happening now he was alerting me and I know other prophets as well. I remember reading another prophet's blog around that time who had a dream that "red rockets" were hitting America from China. I thought it was literal. But how do you process something that has never been seen or that is unfamiliar to you. Noah obeyed God but the thought of a flood was probably something that He grappled with the entire time he was putting hammer to nails. It's hard to wrap your natural mind around something you have never seen or experienced. I wrote a couple of blogs last year called Revenge or Revival and The Election is Not Over where God was continuing to deal with me about what was to come. If you are still confused about what is happening, I would encourage you to get a copy of my book called “A Botched Election Why Did the Prophets miss it?

God is not done with America yet, but He is cleansing this nation and the church from everything that will stand in the way of what He wants to do here. This nation has a destiny and a future. We have resources, free enterprise and religious freedom like no other nation in history. I am so thankful for the chaos and the disruption in our nation because there are so many things we would have never seen. As more things get uncovered the more, I rejoice. Things happening in the natural are my prayer list. We can no longer afford to be ignorant.

When God wanted to usher in His Kingdom, He did away with the old system of the priest offering perpetual sacrifice and unveiled Jesus who became the final sacrifice, once and for all. People would no longer will be bound by the letter of the law (Galatians 3:24) but were free to worship God without a representative. Jesus turned the temple upside down with unbridled volatility when He was shifting God’s people into a new system (Matthew 21:12). Martin Luther, the great reformer nailed his Thesis on the door at Wittenberg, protesting their egregious religious practices of his day. In Ezekiel 8:9-10 God shows the prophet what is happening behind the Holy walls of His house where wayward shepherds are pretending to do the work of the Lord so they can continue to rape God’s sheep.

The Spirit of the Lord says, Enough! He is sick of church as we know it. Our nation is imploding, mantles are falling and, this present system is collapsing. America as we know it is fading away because it is not what God intended. There has been much repentance and I am thankful for leaders that have stepped up to publicly address the true atrocities of this nation, in particular Dutch Sheets, Appeal to Heaven Mandate. We are converging into a new world order, not what Satan is trying to unleash (Daniel 7:25) but God is establishing His throne and Holy habitation.

Prophet I command you to get up and take your rightful place! I break depression, anxiety, fear, bitterness, poverty, shame, dissillusionment, regret, and guilt, off of you. Step into your destiny and unleash the prophetic anointing on your life that will shift towns, cities, regions, territories and nations. The enemy has held you too long and this is the hour you emerge!


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