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Healing Our Adult Children

On our Facebook Live today we talked about how to mend the relationship with our adult children. Especially, those raised in church. As a parent we have to trust God enough to write their story. Here are few pointers on starting the process.


One of our number one prayers is to ask God to reveal their purpose.  Their purpose will provide for them preserves them and  protect them.  RECAST VISION Many times adult children are still seeing their childhood through the eyes of a child.  ESTABLISH OPEN DIALOGUE I allow my children to share with me what hurt them regardless of how painful it is for me to hear. These next points are from Whitney Hopler, Contributor OFFER YOUR HEART TO CHRIST You must get your own heart right with Christ before you can lead your adult kids back to Him TURN YOUR HEART TOWARDS YOUR KIDS

Ask God to give you a compassionate heart toward your adult children so you can relate to them without judging and criticizing them. FORGIVE AND APOLOGIZE Your children have hurt you, and you’ve hurt your children, through some of what you all have said and done to each other in the past REPAIR THE RELATIONSHIP

Rebuild the relationship bridges between you and your kids. Talk honestly with your adult children about the fears and anxieties you struggle with when you try to discuss spirituality with them, and encourage them to share their own fears and anxieties about talking about faith with you. THINGS YOU CAN SAY TO THEM You matter I love you I believe in you God loves them I thank God for you 

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