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It is important that we keep our divine assignments in plain view. It is so easy to veer off of the path and embrace something that seems more exciting and fulfilling. Our true assignments are bitter sweet, often leaving us in a state of divine discontentment. You feel alive and fulfilled when you are operating in your anointing but many times frustrated and disillusioned when the glory cloud lifts. I am convinced that my assignment is to bring honor back to the office of the Prophet and to be a healing oasis and training center for ministry leaders. More times than naught when people hear the word prophet they assume that there is an element of falsehood and dishonesty involved. As an emerging prophet integrity and character should be your primary pursuit. The gift and ministry will take care of itself. The instruction given to me, long before I even understood the gift or knew I had it, was the life of God’s prophet is hard. There are few immediate rewards and you will encounter a lot of resistance. We are goads, firebrands, spiritual nuisances and our lives will always force people out of the valley of indecision and towards a life of holiness and righteousness. #standfirm # propheticintegrity #adayinthelifeofaprophet

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