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It is very important that we are aware of the seasons that we are in spiritually so that we can act accordingly. In every season God is doing a work in our lives and that time is designated for his specific purpose. Ecclesiastes 3 says that there is a season for everything.

Preparation- Colossians 3:23, 24 The natural processes of life. When we work and prepare to go the next level. Things we do before we get ready to move forward or make progress. Before a woman gives birth she must carry a child for nine months and ensure that the baby grows accordingly. She does this by taking vitamins resting and eating life giving foods. She gives her life to help the life of another grow. When we die we enter the presence of our father; the things we do on earth prepare us for eternity in heaven. Everything that we do at our jobs prepare us for our future (retirement, etc). The things we do today inevitably prepare us for tomorrow.

Pruning- John 15:2 The cutting away, separation, and pain of leaving things behind that do not bear any fruit in our lives…letting go of unhealthy desires, ways and relationships. Learning to depend on God as our source. As we grow and continue to make progress God cuts away at our branches so that we can bear more fruit. It is a continual process.

Purging- Psalm 51:7-8 – John 15:3 Sanctification, being cleansed and washed with the word. John 15:3 says we are already clean because of the Word. This is the time of getting rid of residual waste; being emptied out so God can fill us up again with the right things. Allowing God to cleanse us and make us into his image.

Progress- Matthew 4:19 The time at which we move forward and do the work that has been apportioned to us. This is when everything in the process makes sense; the pain the suffering, the loss. We can put to use everything that we have learned and been given to help others grow in Christ.

In conclusion, we must be sensitive to the voice/unction of the Holy Spirit and continually allow Him to guide us. If we ask and listen he will let us know what season we are in and provide us with the strategy necessary to fulfill our task.

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